Barrel of Fun
Season 01, Episode 08
Air Date October 29, 1988
Previous Hide and Seek
Next Pingu Plays Fish Tennis

Barrel of Fun (Sometimes known as Pingu and the Avalanche) is the eighth episode of the first season which was originally on October 29, 1988.


Robby is playing around with some barrels near some ruins, when he sees a barrel that is half covered with planks, like a sledge. Pingu comes around and he and Robby play with the sledge-barrel. They go down a long and winding hill two times, with Robby at back steering and braking - almost crashing into a sloping pillar of snow both times.

After the first slide, they take turns pushing the barrel back up the slope, but before their third go, Robby goes back to the top, and throws one end of a rope down to Pingu. Then Robby holds on to the other end and by his weight, slides back down the slope, but the barrel up with Pingu on it.

Once Pingu has reach the top of the slope, Robby goes back up to join him for another slide down on the sledge. Unfortunately, this time they lose control, and Robby falls off at the bump and Pingu slides crashes backwards into the pillar which collapses on him and traps him inside. Robby rushes to the hospital for help, and an emergency paramedic comes back with him to lift the largest slab of ice from the rubble in order for the seal to slide in and rescue Pingu. As soon as the shaken Pingu is out, the paramedic drops the heavy slab just in and the entrance collapses. Pingu is not back hurt but he did bump his head when he crashed, so the paramedic puts a plaster on Pingu's head and then gives the young penguin and seal a ride home on his stretcher sledge.




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