Building Igloos
Season 01, Episode 15
Air Date January 21, 1990
Previous Pingu Runs Away
Next Pingu and Pinga Stay Up

Building Igloos (sometimes known as Pingu Builds an Igloo) is the fifteenth episode of the first season which was originally on January 21, 1990.


Pingu is going on a camping trip with Pingo, where they have to build their own igloo. When they meet, they head up to a spot where there are loads of blocks of ice to build one igloo. However, they cannot agree on where to build it and get into an argument.

Eventually Pingu decides to build his igloo where he wants and Pingo does like-wise, but due to them only having half the blocks each, they only end up building half-done structures which promptly collapse after some fighting over the last remaining block. At first they laugh over each other's misfortunes, but then they look hard at their collapsed igloos and feel bad about falling out with each other. They then make up and build a proper igloo together.

After the hard work is done, Pingu and Pingo go inside the new igloo, light the gas lamp, rap themselves up Pingu's blanket and tuck into the fish that Pingu had brought with him until night falls.



  • Father is smoking again even though he gave up at the end of The New Arrival.
  • Pingo should not have left his sledge outside after they block up the igloo because it might get stolen.
  • The title is misleading as Pingu and Pingo only build one igloo.


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