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The Giant Walrus is a mysterious character, who only appeared in the episode: "Pingu's Dream". It also appeared in Otmar Gutmann's showreel speaking German.


In Pingu's Dream, it followed Pingu. It eventually frightened and caught Pingu. The walrus squeezed and stretched Pingu a few times, while laughing, causing Pingu to try run away. The walrus then ate the mattress of the bed, allowing Pingu and the bed to escape. It is possible that Pingu's dream about the giant walrus was brought on by the story his mother was reading to him at the beginning of the episode. The walrus is mostly silent, but has a characteristic deep laugh which he often makes whenever he appears.



  • Strangely, it lacks tusks and instead has human shaped teeth.



Many young viewers found the walrus frightening. Pingu's Dream had an unofficial ban. For more information, See Pingu Censorship.

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