Ice Hockey
Season 01, Episode 13
Air Date December 18, 1988
Previous Lost Baby
Next Pingu Runs Away

Ice Hockey (sometimes known as Pingu Plays Ice Hockey) is the thirteenth episode of the first season which was originally broadcast on December 18, 1988.


Pingu, Robby and Pongi are dawdling around one day, when they see a hockey team practising for a game. One of the strikers sees the three young friends and asks if they would like to join in as their rival team. As Pingu, Pongi and Robby get kitted out, the professional team feel sure they will crush their new rivals easily. The referee blows his whistle and the game begins.

At first the Professionls get two goals at once, so Robby turns the goal over to make it more difficult, but the referee disapproves of this and makes him put it back the way it was. Then suddenly, Pingu manages to outwit the Professional's goal keeper and gets a goal and they woop for joy over their small success.

The Professionls are bad losers and are furious at being outwitted by a wannabe team who can not stop celebrating and annoying them. So on the next try, they play aggressively by knocking them with their putts, forcing them into the corners and sides, and so on to ensure they do not win. Pingu and his friends are so cross at their bad sportsmanship that they throw down their gear and storm off. Feeling bad about what they did, the Professionals discard their hockey equipment too and join Pingu, Robby and Pongi with what they are doing, which happens to be figure skating and they have the most fun they have all day together.



  • The original version of this episode featured the song "Hand in Hand" at the end. This song was used at the 1988 Seoul Olympics when Great Britain won a Gold medal in the hockey. Other versions of the original don't have the song, but it is featured on the VHS Barrel of Fun
  • Pongi is introduced in this episode.
  • The strikers on the professional hockey team look like Pingo and Pingg.


  • The referee doesn't have a white chest.
  • When Robby gets rammed into the side of the court, his nose disappears.


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