Season 01, Episode 06
Air Date July 2, 1987
Previous Pingu Goes Fishing
Next Hide and Seek

Jealousy (sometimes known as Pingu is Jealous) is the sixth episode of the first season which was originally broadcasted on July 2, 1987.


Pingu, Pinga and their mother are spending the day inside. Pingu is building towers with blocks, but to his dismay they keep falling down. Despite Mum's efforts, Pinga does not want to go to bed - until Mum rocks her to sleep. Pingu goes to his mother for help with his blocks, but she is too busy knitting clothing for Pinga.

Pingu looks at Pinga, who notices that she is in bed. She starts to cry and is comforted and given attention by Mum, who continues to apparently ignore Pingu. Pingu desperately tries to get attention by behaving like a baby, jumping up and down on the Pinga's bed, kicking a chamberpot around it, putting the chamberpot on his head and banging it with a spoon, and pretending to be a ghost and then lies out on top of Pinga's bed pretending to be sick, but he gives up and hides in the toy box.

Mum soon puts Pinga back in bed, which Pinga still does not want to do. Realising that Pingu feels neglected, Mum apologises and hugs him, and he goes to sleep with Pinga.



  • For some reason, on BBC Video releases, the telephone is seen, which is stock footage from The New Arrival, Because of This when Pingu climbs into the toy box, as he cries he just looks at Mother and then she comes over and tends to him, ignoring the telephone as it rings. In most versions, the shot of Pingu crying is extended to show him shutting himself in the box, then Mother comes over, opens up the box and tends to Pingu and the telephone shot is not used.
  • The scene where Pingu pretends to be sick was once cut in the USA because viewers found it inappropriate.


  • On BBC Video releases, when the phone rings, because stock footage from the New Arrival is used at this point, some of Father's dialogue is accidentally heard in the next shot of Pingu and Mother.
  • A title card of this episode calls it "Pingu Get Jaleous", but it should say "Pingu Gets Jealous".



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