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Lost Baby
Season 01, Episode 12
Air Date December 17, 1989
Previous Sledging
Next Ice Hockey

Lost Baby (sometimes known as Pinga is Left Out) is the twelve episode of the first season.


Pingu brings Pinga along with him to play with Pingo. When they meet up, Pingu and Pingo start playing leap-frog and Pinga really wants to join in. But Pingu, however, forbids her to play with them because she's too little. While he and Pingo are rampaging about, she sadly runs away from them and by they finally look back to the sledge, she is nowhere to be seen.

Pingu and Pingo look everywhere for her, and finally find footprints and her scarf at the edge of a deep pit. Assuming she has fallen in, Pingu and Pingo go home in tears and tell Mother what happened. But Mother explains to them that she made her way home all by herself. Pingu hits Pinga with her scarf for making him worried, but Mother stops him and tells them to make up. While Mother and Pingo watch on, Pinga refuses to speak to Pingu, but he soon discovers that patting Pinga's hand comforts her and they both hug each other and make up. Pingu then happily feeds Pinga.



  • Pingu leaves his sledge behind when he and Pingo go home.
  • It takes Pingu and Pingo until night to get home, even though Pingu and Pinga got to Pingo in a matter of minutes earlier on.


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