Mother's New Hat
Season 6, Episode 5
Air Date January 7, 2005
Previous Pingu and the Litter
Next Poor Pinga

Mother's New Hat is the fifth episode of Season 6. It was written by Kate Nowakowski.


Pingu's parents are going for a special night out and down at the market, Mum is shopping for a new hat for the big event. While Mum is trying to make up her mind, Pingu and Pinga take their chance to try on all the other fancy hats for sale and generally mess about. Then Dad spots what they are doing and he and Mum dart a very stern look at them. Suddenly just as Mum decides on which hat she wants, she is shocked when she sees the one she prefers being sold to someone else, so she reluctantly buys the other one.

Later that day, whilst Mum and Dad are having a quick snooze on the sofa before they go out, Pingu takes the oppotunity  to play with Mum's new hat. After puting the hat on, he adds a cape and takes up his wooden toy sword to play at being a highwayman. He twirls the hat on the tip of the sword and then it flys into Pinga's grasp. Pingu chases after Pinga and tries to snatch the hat back off her, but she holds on so form that he snaps the flower off the hat. Pingu glues the flower back on, but it just does not seem to look right some how now. So using some of their other art materials, they try to add some extra bits to the hat to make it more attractive.

When they are finished, Pingu and Pinga slip the hat back into its box just before Mum and Dad wake up. Dad puts on his top hat and Mum goes to get her new hat of the box for their big night out. When Mum looks inside the box, she is most surprised to discover that her new hat is now even more beautiful than before. Mum is most pleased with Pingu and Pinga's hand work and the two young penguins dance for joy. Mum and Dad then head off for their night out and Pingu and Pinga congratulate each other for a job well done.




  • Pingu and Pinga should have had a babysitter when the parents went out at the end.

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