Mr. Peng-Hoven is an old, poor penguin who owns a barrel organ and lives in a crumbling old house.


Pingu first met Mr. Peng-Hoven one day when he was playing is barrel organ and decided to help. Pingu want out with the barrel organ to do Mr. Peng-Hoven's shopping and thanks to the music he got anything for free. Pingu then filled up the holes in Mr. Peng-Hoven's igloo. Mr. Peng-Hoven was touched at Pingu's kindness and gave the young pengiun his mouth-organ as a reward.

Pingu once later delivered a box of pop-corn to Mr. Peng-Hoven, when he and Pinga were trying to clear out the masses of pop-corn which they had not actually intended to make so much of.

When the funfair comes to the South Pole, Mr. Peng-Hoven often plays his barrel organ there too.

Later on, when Mr. Peng-Hoven started feeling ill from a lack of food, his grown-up daughter came to live with him and help him make some more money with her ticket store for lucky wins to get a life-time supply of best quality fish. Then one day Pingu got one of the winning tickets, but decided to give his winnings to Mr. Peng-Hoven and Miss Peng-Hoven.

Nowadays, he works at The Ski Slope.


He is often sad because he does not have any money. However, he is a kindhearted penguin.


He is an old penguin with a hat sometimes and has wrinkles under his eyes. He often have a sad look on his face due to he is so poor.



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