Music Lessons
Season 01, Episode 17
Air Date April 14, 1990
Previous Pingu and Pinga Stay Up
Next Little Accidents

Music Lessons is the seventeenth episode of the first season which was originally on April 14, 1990.


While Mother watches Father making a cake, Pinga is playing her trumpet. At this Pingu gets out his accordion and makes an awful noise. Then when Pingu starts using it like a yo-yo, Mother sends Pingu outside despite how much Pinga enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, all around the town, people flee and lock themselves in their igloos at the sound of Pingu's accordion. Eventually Pingu arrives at Grandpa's igloo to find him playing his own accordion. Pingu is amazed at how well he does it. Grandpa greets Pingu with a welcoming tune and asks him to do like-wise. At the piercing noise that follows, Grandpa offers to give Pingu some music lessons and they soon become as good as each other and are playing perfectly together.

Pingu then goes home to play his accordion his family and surprises his parents with his perfect playing. They like the tune so much, Pinga taps her potty to the beat with a stick and the parents clap. Pingu feels very happy indeed.



  • Two of the neighbours are actually being portrayed with Pingu's parents' models.
  • Grandpa on Father's side is introduced in this episode.
  • A piece of music in the original version was copyrighted and The Pygos Group failed to get permission.


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