Season 01, Episode 24
Air Date October 13, 1990
Previous Pingu and Pinga at Home
Next Pingu and the Barrel Organ

Noise is the twenty fourth episode of the first season which was first broadcast on October 13, 1990.


Pingu and Pingg are playing hopscotch, not knowing they are doing it in Father's parking space outside his igloo. When Father comes home and parks in there, Pingu and Pingg start shouting at him to no avail. Eventually, Pingu and Pingg go and play somewhere else. They go over to Mrs. Peng-Sniff's igloo next door and start running and playing about very noisily.

Mrs. Peng-Sniff starts yapping at them about their noise very loudly. Pingo then comes along  and teases her about her noise. She is about to hit them with her carpet beater but misses. She leaves and accidentally closes the window on her wing! She howls in pain, making Pingo, Pingg and Pingu laugh. They then start playing ball, and Pingg bounces the ball accidentally onto Mrs. Peng-Sniff's roof where it bounces up and down again and again.

Mrs. Peng-Sniff comes crossly outside, catches the ball and then takes it inside her igloo. Pingo and Pingg protest to tell Pingu (because he is more polite) to go and get the ball back so he begs for it back to no avail. He rings at the door again, but Mrs. Peng-Sniff just pushes him off. Then Pingu throws a snow ball at the doorbell and they runs away to let the bell ring on and on. Mrs. Peng-Sniff runs out to chase them off and removes the snow, but accidentally gets herself locked out of her own igloo in the process. The young penguins look back and laugh to see  her yanking at the door and then squeezing through the window to get back in. Pingu decides to help her, by climbing in through the window himself and unlocking the door from the inside. Mrs. Peng-Sniff is so grateful, she gives the young penguins their ball back, and they all play together. Mrs. Peng-Sniff decides to join in, but accidentally hits the ball onto her window and breaking the glass which is enough to make any young penguin laugh.



  • A British parking sign is featured in this episode, which resembles a blue sign with a P on it. Also featured in this episode is a penguin version of the 'no children at play' sign.
  • When this episode was show on "Cartoon Critters", two shots were left out and they cut straight to the bit where the ball starts bouncing up and down on top of Mrs. Peng-Sniff's igloo.
  • A deleted scene shots Pingo with Pingu and Pingg as Pingu's dad tells them not to play in his parking space.
  • Weirdly, Pingu's father looks slightly different in this episode compared to his normal appearance. In this episode he has a much rounder looking head.
  • Pingu's father's head looks like Mr. Peng-Chips.


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