The Opening Sequence is the introduction seen at the start of every episode. Every two seasons of Pingu, the intro changed with the change in production teams.

Intro History

  • Intro 1: It shows animated footage of Pingu walking with a knapsack, it then zooms in on him and a blue circle forms, Pingu looks at the audience and the Pingu logo fades in, he then winks.
  • Intro 2 (Japan Only): It starts normally but the Pingu logo comes in letter by letter, then footage of the show is shown, it then cuts back to where the Pingu logo is already formed and the Circle Pingu is in bounces towards it.
  • Intro 3: Same as the first intro, but it's all stop motion, and Pingu happily nods when he turns to the viewer, this version also has the music replaced by a portion of The Pingu Dance, this version was used on Seasons 3-4 and international airings of Seasons 1-2 in places such as Italy, Japan, as well as some initial US airings, and later on the remastered version of Seasons 1 and 2 worldwide.
  • Intro 4: Pingu pops in from the bottom right corner, and then dances, he then turns and the new Pingu logo zooms out on a blue background.
  • Intro 5 (The Pingu Show only): Same as the last one, but "The" and Show" are Above and Below the Pingu logo respectively.