ピングー 原作者作品集03:02

ピングー 原作者作品集

One of Gutmann's showreel

Otmar Gutmann (April 24, 1937 - October 13, 1993) was a German television producer, animator, and the founder of The Pygos Group, now controlled by HiT Entertainment. He is perhaps best known for his long running work on Pingu.

He started as an amateur in the mid-1960s. As a professional he only made one personal work, Aventures (1978). It was based on the piece of music by Gyorgy ligeti, he bought the sculptural universe of Lubomir Stepan to life as an exploration of human condition.

In 1993, Gutmann fell victim to a cardiac arrest while working on the second season of Pingu.[1]

After Gutmann passed away, The Pygos Group collapsed and all the assets of the company were sold to HiT Entertainment. HiT relaunched Pingu for a scheduled 52 episodes, however after it ran its course, it ended rather abruptly and without any announcement.

Quote from Gutmann

"My objective with Pingu was to show what is fundamental to my sense in the whole animal world, namely the simple thing that we are nothing without the other. The use of a penguin allows, besides being sympathetic, to vary on topics as diverse as ecology, global warming, lack of resources. In short, the scarcity of men and food that an integral economic world could bring. "




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