Pampering Pingu
Season 6, Episode 14
Air Date November 29, 2005
Previous Pingu and the School Pet
Next Green-Eyed Pingu

Pampering Pingu is the forthteen episode of Season 6 of Pingu.


Pingu and Pinga have been out shopping with Mother. Father then drives by on the motorised sledge, but as he goes past, snow is thrown up by the sledge and splatters Mother, to Pingu and Pinga’s amusement. Just then, Mother notices a beauty salon and goes inside with Pingu and Pinga. The beautician seats Mother in a reclining chair and settles Pingu and Pinga on chairs to wait, giving each of them a lollipop. While the beautician works on Mother, Pingu finds a bottle of lotion on a trolley and squeezes it, sending a blob across the room and into a cup of tea. A lady, who is having a face treatment, drinks from the cup and leaps from the chair in shock, fleeing the salon. Pingu hastily puts the bottle of lotion back, and then discovers that his chair will go up and down and round and round, so he spins himself about, eventually falling off. Pinga wants to try this in her chair, so Pingu spins her round very fast, making her giddy, and she falls off the chair. Mother has progressed in her treatment to having shades on her eyes, with vibration from the chair to relax her. Pingu takes the bottle of lotion and uses it to model a beard, moustache, and hair on Mother's head. When the beautician spots this she’s surprised and shows Mother. After she’s cleaned herself off, Mother looks across to where Pingu and Pinga are sitting and sees that Pinga has also sprouted a beard and hair modelled from lotion. She gets Pinga to sit in the chair next to her. Pingu is bored, so he puts on some hair curlers from the trolley, and a towel as a cloak. He goes across to Mother and startles her by his appearance and the noise he makes, causing chaos and generally wrecking the place. When the hubbub has ended, Pingu is angrily told off and has to clear up the place. When he finishes, Mother, Pingu, and Pinga leave. As they get outside, Father goes past on the sledge again, this time covering Pingu with snow. Mother takes Pingu back inside the beauty parlour for some restorative treatment, which he’s not happy about.


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