Pinga is Pingu's younger sister. She loves her big brother and always tags along when he is around. Although potty trained, she is not yet old enough to be fully independent and looks to her big brother to include her in his games and adventures.


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Pinga is a black, grey and white round penguin (an appearance similar to an emperor penguin chick) with orange feet and a red beak.


Pinga is a cute and pretty playful penguin and Pingu's little sister. She always follows her big brother around and always likes to play with her toys and dolls, epecially her little rabbit toy.


Pinga also appeared in A Very Special Wedding and Eskimo Disco 7-11. She will appear in Pingu in the City.


  • Pingu and Pinga can roll into balls for many purposes, for instance; cheating on a bowling game.



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