Pinga's Balloon
Season 5, Episode 14
Air Date January 21, 2004
Previous Pingu's Ice Sculpture
Next Pingu and the Knitting Machine

Pinga's Balloon is the fourteenth episode of Season 5. It was written by Dave Ingham.


Pinga is having trouble blowing up her new balloon. Pingu tries to blow it up for her, but even he finds it difficult. Pingu decided to pop out to the shed and fetch the tyre pump. While Pingu is away, Dad has a try at blowing up Pinga's balloon, but even he his matters do not seem to help very much. When Pingu returns, he puts the balloon onto the air of the tyre pump and starts to blow the air in. Suddenly Pingu gets carried away and fills the balloon with too much air. Then the balloon flies off the end of the pump and rockets all around the room. Suddenly the balloon rams into Pinga and she flies along with it right out the front door as Mum walks in.

A pile of snow soon ends Pinga's trip and she is very upset that her balloon still has not been blown up. Dad tries one more time and finally succeeds in blowing up the balloon. But when he ties a knott in the balloon to stop the air from escaping, he accidently knotts the balloon around his wing. Pingu pulls hard on the balloon and it soon off comes from Dad's wing. Sadly the knott in the balloon was not tight enough and all the air leaks out. Pinga begins to cry as Pingu and Dad take her back indoors.

Back inside, Mum is fanning the oven ready for dinner with a pair of bellows. This gives Pingu an idea and so they use the bellows to blow air into Pinga's balloon. Quickly Pingu ties a knott in the balloon and hands it to Pinga, who is now very happy indeed. She is so grateful that she kisses her big brother on the cheek. Pingu is happy too, at last his mission to help blow up Pinga's balloon is finally accomplished.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed


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