Pingu has Hiccups
Season 05, Episode 11
Air Date January 16, 2004
Previous Pingu the Snowboarder
Next Like Father Like Pingu

Pingu has Hiccups is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Pingu. It was written by Ross Hastings.


Pingu is trying to read his book in peace, but Pinga is slurping her drink too noisily for him to concentrate. Pingu gets her a straw so she can finish it more quietly. Pinga then suddenly starts hiccupping. Pingu tries rubbing Pinga's tummy and patting her on the back but does not help, so they go to Dad at the post office, to see if he knows what to do.

Dad suggests doing a handstand, but as Pinga has difficulty in do this, he tries holding her upside down by her feet. When this does not work Dad then suggests blowing into a paper bag, but this does not help so he blows up the bag and suddenly pops it to give her a shock. When this fails, the post master comes out and orders Dad to stop messing about and get on with his work.

Pingu and Pinga then go to find Robby to see if he has any ideas. Pingu and Robby decide to try and give Pinga another shock; Pingu tells Pinga to look away so that when she turns round again, she will be surprises at being surrounded by two walruses who are acctually Pingu and Robby with icicles sticking out of their mouths. Unfortunately Pingu and Robby are not convincing, except to Pingu himself as he suddenly sees his reflection in a wall of ice. Pingu is so frightened that he rushes frantically about in circles. Pinga laughs so much that she forgets all about her hiccups and when Pingu comes to his senses, they suddenly realise that the hiccups are gone.

Pingu and Pinga then go home triumphant, but as Pinga reads a book, Pingu suddenly gets hiccups himself from drinking his drink too quickly. Both young penguins laugh out loud at the hiccupping adventure they have had that day.




  • The episode is sometimes referred to as "Pingu has Hiccups"
  • Dad is at work, but when Pingu and Pinga leave the igloo, his hat and bag are still hanging on the coat peg by the front door.


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