Pingu's Balancing Act
Season 05, Episode 16
Air Date January 23, 2004
Previous Pingu and the Knitting Machine
Next Pingu Gets Lost

Pingu's Balancing Act is the sixteenth episode of Season 5. It was written by Olly Smith.


Robby is showing off his balancing skills to Pingu. Pingu is so impressed that when he is called in for dinner, he tries to do some balancing himself. First he balances his fish on his head and then he does the same thing with the fruit bowl, which soon falls to the ground and smashes. Mum gets Pingu to sweep up the mess, but whilst doing so, he cannot resist balancing a banana on the end of his beak in bewteen. At last dinner is ready, but Pingu still too mad about balancing to eat. He balances Pinga's toy rabbit and then his beach ball on the end of his beak, until Mum sternly tells him to stop. Pingu desperately wants to go back outside and show off to Robby, so he mashes up his fish to gulp it down quicker and while Mum and Dad are not looking, he slaps his greens onto Pinga's plate.

Now that Pingu's plate is empty, he is allowed to go back outside and play with Robby. He takes his beach ball and shows the seal his balancing skills. Pingu spins around with the ball on his beak until he becomes very dizzy and falls over. Robby laughs at him starts doing his favourite trick in bouncing his fish on his nose whilst moving. Then he bounces it too high and it gets stuck on the roof of the shed. Robby starts to cry so using his beach ball, Pingu bounces up to the shed roof and flips the fish back down to him. Then Pingu loses his grip, lands on his beach ball and bouncing ontop of it with his flippers peddling mechanically like on a unicycle. Robby is most impressed and soon he and Pingu are putting on their very own balancing act for Pingu's family.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed


  • At one point, Robby's fish lands open mouthed on Pingu's head. This may be a reference to Pingu Plays Fish Tennis.

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