Pingu's Big Catch
Season 06, Episode 22
Air Date February 27, 2006
Previous Pingu and the Braces
Next Pingu and the New Scooter
Pingu's Big Catch is the 22nd episode of Season 6. It was written by Peter Reeves.


Once again, Pingu is going fishing and is determined to make a big catch. Pingu joins Pingo at the fishing holes and drops his line into the water. Pingo catches lots of fish, but Pingu cannot seem to get any anything except for a load of junk. Pingu catches a human's top hat and a big spring, but no fish. Pingu gets Pingo to keep swapping fishing holes with him, but Pingo still gets the lucky catches while Pingu only manages to fish out a rusty old bicycle wheel, a toilet seat, a broken old kettle, a worn out human's boot and a rusting perambulator.

By the end of the day, Pingo has caught loads of fish and is bragging and making Pingu feel even more unlucky. Then a scrap dealing penguin comes along on his tractor sledge and offers to buy of Pingu's rubbish for a large cod. Pingu delightedly agrees and as the scrap dealer loads up his tractor sledge, he shows off his big fish to Pingo who is now feeling rather jealous. For the first time all day, Pingu feels like a very lucky penguin indeed.




  • Some how, Dad's screwdriver gets bent out of shape, even though it did not happen when Pingu made him jump and drop it.

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