Pingu's Bouncy Fun
Season 05, Episode 01
Air Date August 1, 2003
Previous Pingu and His Cup
Next Pingu Finishes the Job
Pingu's Bouncy Fun is the first episode of the fifth season. It was written by Rupert Fawcett.


Today, Pingu has gone bouncing bonkers and is bouncing up and down on his bed. This is not pleasing to Mum as the vibration is making the plates bounce off the shelf and smash on the floor. She storms into the bedroom and orders Pingu to stop bouncing on the bed.

Mum makes Pingu sit quietly in the armchair, but he still wants to carry on bouncing, so he bounces up and down in the chair instead and frightens Pinga. Pinga runs to Mum who tells Pingu that he is not allow to bounce in the armchair either. Pingu wonders what smaller objects he can bounce on. First he bounces up and down on a cushion, making it make rude noises which in turn amuses Pinga. Then he bounces on Pinga's toy rabbit makes her start crying.

Soon Dad comes home from work and Mum goes out with Pinga to do the shopping. As Dad sits down to read the paper, Pingu asks him if he can make him a trampoline. Dad is sure he can find all the right pieces for the job. Tying stilts, skiis, hockey sticks, carpet beaters, brooms, fishing rods and nets together, Pingu and his dad soon manage to make the frame of the trampoline. Once this part is done, Pingu gets even more excited. Dad pops outside to fetch the tarporline of his tractor sledge and ties the corners of the trampoline's frame. Once this is done, Dad gets onto the newly completed trampoline to try out make sure it is safe.

Now that he has is very own homemade trampoline, Pingu gets on it straight away and bounces away like mad. Suddenly Mum and Pinga return from shopping; Mum is shocked to see still bouncing indoors on a trampoline a sternly says exactly what she thinks. Taken by surprise, Pingu accidentally launches himself off the trampoline and lands head first into the armchair. Mum then scolds Dad for incouraging Pingu to bounce indoors, so they push the trampoline outside and tidy away the tools used to build it. Once this is done, Pingu asks if they can carry on playing on the trampoline. Mum agrees, but this time she gives Pingu and Dad protective head gear and the two bounce happily up and down on the trampoline for the rest of the day.


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