Pingu's Bouncy Fun is an British DVD released by Hit Entertainment. It has 9 episodes


  • Release date = 17th May 2004
  • Running Time = 45 Minutes
  • Studio = Hit Entertainment (UK & Ireland) ABC DVD (Australia)


Join Pingu on the first 9 brand new adventures from Series 5! The cheeky little penguin is now on DVD to watch again and again!


  1. Pingu's Bouncy Fun
  2. Pingu Finishes the Job
  3. Pingu Digs A Hole
  4. Pingi's Valentine Card
  5. Pingu Wants to Fly
  6. Pingu's Windy Day
  7. Pinga's Lost Rabbit
  8. Pingu's Moon Adventure
  9. Pinga Sleepwalks

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