Pingu's Circus
Season 01, Episode 26
Air Date October 27, 1990.
Previous Pingu and the Barrel Organ
Next Pingu at the Doctor's

Pingu's Circus is the twenty sixth and last episode of the First season which was first broadcast on October 27, 1990.


Pingu, Pinga and Robby are putting on a circus and lots of penguins come to watch when they see them putting up the posters.

The three youngsters start off the performance with the band, consisting of Pingu playing the drum, Pinga on the trumpet and Robby with the accordion. Then Robby shows off his fancy roly-poly techniques. Next Pinga does some juggling and drops the balls. Robby laughs and Pinga throws one of the balls at him, knocking his hat off his head. The audience clap and laugh at such a funny sight.

Pinga and Robby then do an animal tamer's act; Robby pretends to be a lion and then does ball balancing tricks and jumps through a hoop like other seals did before him at the circus. Now it is Pingu's turn to do his series of funny dances and his strongman's act. He lifts up a big dumbbell with as much effort as he can to make it look heavy, then after he drops it back down again, Pinga takes it away with no effort at all which makes their audience laugh out loud.

The next performance is a clown acts where Pingu and Pinga jump up and down on top of a seesaw, Robby pushes a bucket of blue paint under Pingu and Pingu lands in the bucket, covering himself in paint and splattering it all over Robby as well. Pinga comes over and laughs at his big brother who spits more paint over her too. The audience whoop, laugh and clap louder than they have done all day and the three blue clowns finish off the performance to a musical climax.



  • German reference: The word 'Circus' is spelt 'Zirkus' in this episode.
  • The earlier version played Dance of the Cuckoos, the Laurel and Hardy theme, at the part where Pinga takes away the dumbbell.
  • Punki is not wearing his suspenders in this episode.


  • The posters say "Circus" but at performance, the banner says "Zirkus" ("Circus" in German)


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