Pingu Curling Game
Season 02, Episode 06
Air Date January 26, 1992
Previous Pingu's First Kiss
Next Pingu the Icicle Musician
Pingu's Curling Game is the sixth episode of the second season which was first broadcast on January 26, 1992.


Robby invites Pingu to have a game of curling with him. Pingu does not have a curling disc, so he uses a hot water bottle from his mother's bed instead. He quickly slips it out from under her bed while she is sleeping, trying to not wake up her up in the process.

On their first two goes at the game, Robby gets his curling disc to go the farthest, on the second Robby again gets his the farthest Near by an old pengiun is sitting on a mount of ice reading a book and he tells Pingu and Robby to leave him alone and be quiet. They both take no notice and decide to swap curling discs, playing back the way they came. When Robby wins this time as well, because of the real disc pushing the hot water bottle a little further forward, Pingu gets very annoyed and plays the stone as hard as he can, knocking the seat from under the old penguin's bottom and depositing him on the ground. Robby laughs but Pingu feels very guilty. The old pengiun furiously storms over to tell Pingu off, but Robby tries to pull him back by his tail.

Pingu runs away with the old penguin following all the way home. Pingu goes quickly indoors and hides inside his toy box. Mum has awoken from her nap and watches Pingu run by for so long, she burns her ironing and takes her anger out on the old penguin when he hammers at the door. The old penguin explains what happened and Pingu is made toget out of the toy box and apologise. Pingu tries but he is crying so much he is having difficulties getting the words out.

Thinking he's got the better of Pingu, the old penguin shakes hands with the young one and takes him outside again for another game of curling, to show him how much better he is at it. The old pengiun throws the curling disc and gets it to go a long way. He brags at his throw and tells Pingu to have his go. Pingu gives the hot water bottle a big throw and it jumps over the disc, landing further forward. The old pengiun is even more furious at being outwitted at what he knows best by a young penguin and he storms off grumpily. Pingu and Robby woop and cheer at their day's victory.


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