Pingu's Disadvantage
Season 4, Episode 1
Air Date January 5, 1998
Previous Pingu and the Lost Ball
Next Pingu Refuses To Help
 Pingu's Disadvantage, is the first episode of Season 4 of Pingu.


Pingu is out on his sledge. He sees some skis and an ice hockey stick lying at the bottom of an ice tower, stops to investigate and finds Pinga, Robby and Pingg playing hide and seek. Pinga has covered her eyes and is counting, while Robby and Pingg go to hide.

When Pinga has finished counting, she turns and is about to go to look for the others when she sees Pingu. Pingu tells her where Robby and Pingg have hidden. Pinga calls out to them, and rushes back “home” before they can get there, so they lose. Pingu thinks this is funny, but Robby and Pingg are annoyed. They let Pingu join in, but he has to be the one doing the seeking, so Pingu counts while the others hide.

There’s no sign of them when Pingu turns, so he goes to look. He hears Robby, and goes towards the sound. Robby hides behind a nearby ice tower as Pingu looks for him and goes past. He comfortably beats Pingu “home”. Pingg and Pinga are already there, so Pingu loses! Pingu, reluctantly, is seeker again. This time he cheats by turning while still counting so he can see where they go to hide. Despite this he can’t find them, and is puzzled.

He spots a discarded ladder nearby, and props it up against a nearby ice tower so he can climb to the top to get a better view. While he’s climbing the ladder the others come out from behind the broken barrel that was near the ladder, and easily get home first. Pingu loses again!

On the next turn he tries the same trick with the counting, but this time goes straight to the ladder and starts to climb. What he doesn’t know is that Pingg and the others have hatched a plan. Pingg has hidden behind the barrel where he was before, and sees exactly what Pingu is doing. When at the top of the tower, Pingu spots Robby’s tail sticking out, and goes to get down from the tower.

Pingg, however, has removed the ladder, so Pingu is stuck on top of the tower. The others join Pingg at the bottom of the tower and, when Pingu asks, won’t put the ladder back. They then rub salt in the wound by getting home while Pingu can do nothing but watch, and they all laugh at Pingu. Pingu then slides down the ice tower.


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