Pingu's Discovery
Season 03, Episode 24
Air Date August 22, 1996
Previous Pingu and the Postcard
Next Pingu Steals
Pingu's Discovery is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season which was broadcast on August 22nd, 1996.


Coming down hill on the sledge, Pingu and Robby bump into a big tail sticking out of the ground. Pingu wonders if it might be a delicous fish, so he tries to pull it up. However whatever-it-is is stuck too firmly into the snow to be pulled so Robby diggs it out with a stick and they sledge it back to Pingu's Igloo.

Pingu then leaves the fish tailed creature in front of the hot stove for the rest of the snow to melt off it. To pass the time, Robby brings down the frying pan ready to cook the creature and he and Pingu set the table for a meal.

After all this is done, Pingu and Robby go back to check on their discovery and after an hour, all the ice melts off to reveal and a large sea-horse-like creature. Pingu takes a bite out of the creature, but it tastes disgusting as it is made of solid wood. Then Pingu's Grandpa drops round and is most amazed at what his grandson and Robby have discovered. Quickly, Grandpa telephones the local museum and in no time at all, a dispatch rider arrives at the igloo. The dispatch rider is very pleased with the discovery and is very interested to have the creature in the museum's collection.

The dispatch rider drives Pingu, Robby, Grandpa and the creature back to the musuem where the new exhibit soon attracts a lot of attention. The dispatch rider mounts the monster ontop of their shipwreak exhibit where it is photographed and he explains that this creature is the ship's missing figure head which they have been searching for for a long time. Pingu and Robby are most excited and the press photographer even takes their picture too. Pingu and Robby feel very helpful indeed.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • The Museum


  • After Pingu and Robby have dug up the creature and are sledging it back home, its tail changes colour.


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