Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas
Season 02, Episode 09
Air Date December 25, 1992
Previous Pingu the Chef
Next Pingu Goes Away
Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas is the ninth episode of the second season which was first broadcast on December 25th (Christmas Day), 1992.


It's Christmas Eve, and Pingu and his family are getting ready for Christmas. They help Mother make some biscuits, and then they go with Father to help choose a Christmas tree. Pinga suggests a large Christmas tree and Pingu suggests a small one but Father picks one that's the right size and Pinga pays the seller. While Father puts up the tree, Mother gets the wrapped presents to put under it. Pingu and Pinga want theirs now, but Mother says wait. Mother then trips over a rope on her way to the tree, and drops the presents. Fortunately not breaking them. She blames Father, and they have a big argument. Pingu and Pinga came out to hear the argument, and Pingu and Pinga look very upset and tell them to make up, which they do. Mother then tells Pingu and Pinga to go into the igloo, and to make sure they stay there and can’t see out she locks the door and blocks up the keyhole. Mother and Father then decorate the tree, while inside the igloo Pingu and Pinga wrap up Mother and Father’s presents. When Mother lets them out, they take their presents to put under the tree, and are surprised when they see it all decorated. They give their presents to Mother and Father; Mother gets a red muff for 2 hands and Father gets a black and white spotted bow tie. Pingu and Pinga then open their presents. Pingu gets a book, a ball and some blue earmuffs while Pinga gets a teddy bear, a dummy and a red scarf. As night quickly falls, the sound of the church chimes and the tree lights up and together, they all sing Silent Night.



  • In some broadcasts, the first shot of this episode has been a shot of the Antarctic mountains before we see Pingu's family's advent calendar.


  • There should have been a star decoration on top of the Christmas tree.
  • When Pingu and Pinga return from collecting the Christmas tree, the present that Dad brought home earlier suddenly disappears from the coat hooks by the door.


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