Pingu's Grandpa Comes to Stay
Season 03, Episode 03
Air Date June 29, 1995
Previous Pingu at the Museum
Next Pingu's Long Journey
Pingu's Grandpa Comes to Stay (sometimes known as Grandfather Comes to Visit) is the third episode of the third season of Pingu which was broadcast on June 29th, 1995.


Pingu and Pinga are very excited because their grandpa is coming to dinner. Pingu and Pinga set up the table while Dad cooks the meal. Then the doorbell rings and Pingu and Pinga run to greet Grandpa who presents them with a lolly pop each from somewhere amongst his feathers, but when Dad comes out of kitchen to meet him, he tells his young penguins that they must not have their lolly pops until after dinner. While Pingu, Pinga and Grandpa wait for Dad to bring in the dinner, Grandpa shows his grandchildren another magic trick by making a flower disappear from inside a napkin and reappear from behind Pinga's back.

At last, dinner is ready and everyone tucks in, but as usual Pingu and Pinga do not want to have their boiled green vegetables. So Grandpa eats the greens for them, while Dad is checking on the pudding. Pingu and Pinga are very excited when they see the huge cake that Dad has made for pudding and they tug into their slices straight away, but Grandpa is so full up on greens that he does not feel like having his. Dad suddenly realises that Grandpa has eaten Pingu and Pinga's greens and he is not very pleased. Grandpa just ignores him and lets Pingu have his slice of cake. While Dad grumpily finishes off his cake, Pingu and Pinga think how lucky they are to have the world's best Grandpa.



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