Pingu's Ice Cave
Season 01, Episode 20
Air Date May 5, 1990
Previous School Time
Next Pingu's Dream

Pingu's Ice Cave is the 20th episode of the first season which was originally on May 5, 1990.


Pingu's dad is ironing and Pingu is practising his writing while his mum watches, when Pingo comes over and asks if Pingu can come out to play. The parents say it is alright and the two young penguins are outside in a flash. They play with Pingo's ball and Pingu gets so carried away, that he kicks the ball backwards over his head and it goes off into an overhang in the ice.

Pingo goes to retrieve the ball but the ground wobbles under his weight. Pingu tries edging over to the ball himself as he weighs less, but the ground still tips forward under him. Pingu then gets Pingo to sit down on the end of the wobbling ice to keep it in balance while he tries again to fetch the ball. Suddenly Pingo stands to help him get nearer and they all fall through the ground into an ice cave. Pingu starts crying, but Pingo is sure they can climb back up to the trapdoor again. Then the entrance collapses above them and Pingo starts crying instead. Pingu comforts his friend and they explore further into the cave to find another way out.

After looking around in the dripping, echoy caverns and edging their way along a long ice shelf, they come to a load of abandoned miners' tools and they see a slope to the surface where the sun light is shining in. Pingo is worried about the sheer drop in between, but Pingu has the answer. He swings across to the other side, using the miners' rope hanging from the ceiling, which comes away as he lands. Luckily Pingu has another idea; he lassoes the rope onto a small stalagmite next to Pingo, and tells Pingo to hang onto it and shuffle his way across the chasm, with Pingu holding onto the rope on the other side. Pingo's weight starts to take its toll and Pingu begins to slip, but he holds on doggedly and quickly tugs on the rope, pulling Pingo back up as fast he can. Pingo reaches his flipper across to the side and Pingu edges over to catch his friend. Pingo reaches his wing out and Pingo catches hold of him just in time.

Pingo is trembling visibly from the experience, but is very relieved to be safe, so the two of them edge up the slope to the surface. Pingu opens up a man hole cover and finds himself back in the open. He climbs cheerfully up, helps his friend out, puts the man hole cover back and decides that this will be quite enough adventures for one day.



  • In the scene where the entrance to the cave collapses, the ball is gone.


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