Pingu's Ice Sculpture
Season 05, Episode 13
Air Date January 20, 2004
Previous Like Father Like Pingu
Next Pinga's Balloon
Pingu's Ice Sculpture is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season. It was written by Felix Pereira.


A sculpture competition is taking place today and everyone is trying to take part. Pingu's dad is chiseling a sculpture of his wife holding a vase and Pinga is making a small snowman of her toy rabbit. Even Robby is having a go, so soon Pingu joins in and he and the seal have a sculpt off.

Soon, Pingu's family set off with the sculptures to where the competition is to take place. On the way they are amazed to see all the ice sculptures Pingu and Robby made standing around them. See Dad's sculpture of Mum, Pingu and Robby worry that their works of art may not help them to win the competition. Mum and Dad congratulate Pingu and Robby for all the sculptures they made, so Pingu loads one onto his sledge and pulls to the competition.

At the competition, their are lots of entries. Pingu and Robby are most surprise when the judges declares them the winners and give them the troffey for the most abstract sculpture. Pingu and Robby feel very lucky indeed.



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