Pingu's Moon Adventure
Season 05, Episode 08
Air Date September 19, 2003
Previous Pinga's Lost Rabbit
Next Pinga Sleepwalks
Pingu's Moon Adventure is the eighth episode of the fifth season. It was written by Kev Walton.


Pingu is star glazing with Grandpa, when he sees the moon shining full and large in the night sky. He goes straight home to make his own space rocket to go to the moon. Pingu and Pinga construct the rocket out of a barrel for the body, pieces of old wood for the roof and the wings and a water filter for the nose cone. Before they take off, Grandpa comes by with his old diving helmet for Pingu to use as a space helmet. As Pinga goes to fetch her own helmet (her potty), Grandpa tells Pingu to look out for aliens.

Pingu pulls the leaver for blast off, but nothing happens. Then suddenly, the rocket starts to shake violently. The two young penguins look up at the window and see a scary looking green faced alien looking in at them. In fright, Pingu and Pinga rush out of the rocket to find Grandpa in an alien mask wondering around the rocket and shaking it. Pingu and Pinga sneak up behind Grandpa and squawk loudly behind his back, making him jump. They all laugh together and then march across the snow to where Pingu sticks his flag into the ground and claims the planet in his name.



  • Pingu's House
  • Pingu's Shed
  • Grandpa's Igloo

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