Pingu's New Kite
Season 02, Episode 12
Air Date May 9, 1993
Previous Pingu the Photographer
Next Pingu and the Many Packages
Pingu's New Kite is the twelve episode of the second season which was first broadcast on May 9, 1993. 


Pingu and Pinga are flying their kite. Suddenly Pingu trips over and the wind drops. The kite is now stuck on top of the roof of the igloo, Pingu tries to pull it down but the string breaks snaps off. Pinga goes inside to get help from Mother and Father, but Mother is busy reading the newspaper and Father is busy ironing and they say they have no time to help them yet.

Back outside, Pingu is trying to dislodge the kite by throwing snowballs at it. The first one lands on Pinga's as she comes back out of the igloo. Pingu tries again and the second snowball hits the kite, which comes sliding off the roof and lands on the ground in a broken heap. This time Pingu goes in to ask for help, but Mother and Father still tell them to wait until they have stopped being busy. Pingu says exactly what he thinks of their busyness and he storms out, slamming the door as he goes.

Pingu and Pinga feel sure that Grandpa will help them, so they sledge off to his igloo. Grandpa hears them arrive and comes out to see what they want. Grandpa is happy to help and escorts his two grandchildren to his shed to make a new kite. Grandpa chops up the wood for the spine and the spar of the kite, he places the pieces into a cross shape and holds them in place while Pingu nails them together with a hammer. Pinga meanwhile is painting the material of the kite; she paints it all over in yellow with a large smiley face on it.

Back home, Mother and Father suddenly realise how long Pingu and Pingu have been gone. They go outside and call for them, but there’s no sign of the two young penguins. They then go and search for them on the tractor sledge.  They ask round at the post-office, the fishmonger's and the neighbour's if they have seen them, but they have not as they were all shut up at the time. Eventually they arrive at Grandpa's igloo, where they see a kite flying above the roof tops round the back. Mother and Father walk round to the back of Grandpa's to see Pingu flying their new kite, with Pinga and Grandpa watching. Mother and Father apologise to Pingu and Pinga for being so unhelpful to them and they thank Grandpa for helping them. They wave goodbye to Grandpa and they travel home with Pingu's sledge tied behind the tractor and Pingu still flying their new happy kite.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Grandpa's Igloo
  • The Post Office
  • A Fishmonger's


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