Pingu's Pancakes
Season 05, Episode 25
Air Date February 5, 2004
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 Pingu's Pancakes is the twenty-fifth episode of the fifth season. It was written by Dave Ingham.


Mum is making pancakes and Pingu and Pinga want to help stir the mixture. When Pingu is having his turn at stirring, Pinga cheekily pours more milk into the mixing bowl and the mixture splashes everywhere.

When the mixture is ready, Mum pours it onto the frying pan ready for flipping. Mum shows Pinga how to flip pancakes and then Pingu has a go, but he is rather too extactic with the pan and the pancakes are splattered all over the igloo. One flies into Dad's face as he comes in through the front door after work. He then throws the pancake back and it lands on back on the frying pan, which pleases Pingu emencely. At last he has learnt how to toss pancakes carefully.

At dinner, Pingu cooks everyone a pancake each and tosses them onto their plates. Dad is puzzled that Pingu has not made himself one, but Pingu just waits patiently at the dinning table and instantly a pancake which he made get stuck to the celling earlier loses its stick and lands on his plate in front of him. Everyone laughs and they all tuck into their pancakes.



  • In this episode Pingu he does not know to flip pancakes, even though he previously did so in Pingu and Pinga at Home.


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