Pingu's Trick is the seventh episode of the thrid season of Pingu.

Pingu's Trick
Season 03, Episode 07
Air Date July 27, 1995
Previous Pingu the Painter
Next Pingu and the Mother Bird


Pingu’s neighbour had put a towel out on washing line to dry, but as Pingu walks by, it falls off the line and crumples to the ground. Pingu picks up the towel, rings the doorbell and tells the neighbour about it. The neighbour is very greatful and after he hangs the towel back up on the line again, he rewards Pingu for his helpfulness with a bag of biscuits.

Later on as Pingu eats the last biscuit, Pingo comes along and asks if he can have one. Pingu gives Pingo the bag which he tips upside down over his wing, but it is completely empty. Pingu explains to Pingo how he got the biscuits, and shows him where it happened. Then Pingo naughtily pulls the towel off the line and rings the doorbell of the neighbour's igloo. When the neighbour opens the door, Pingo tells the same tale as Pingu and tells him to reward him with a bag of biscuits as well. The neighbour realises straight away what is going on, and shuts the door disgustedly in Pingo’s face.

Pingo and Pingu then decided play a couple of tricks on the neighbour to pay him out, both involving ringing the doorbell and then running away. The first time Pingu and Pingo try to sneek into the neighbour's igloo and take some biscuits, while he is outside wondering who rang the bell and where they are, but they run out of time and have to run back out again. Then Pingu puts the neighbour's washing basket outside his door, so that when he rings the bell and runs away, the neighbour comes out, trips over the basket and falls flat on his face.

The neighbour gets very annoyed and decides to teach the two young penguins a lesson the next time they ring the doorbell. But then a delivery penguin comes to the door to deliver a parcel to the neighbour, rings the doorbell and gets soaked by a bucket of water. The neighbour shocked feels very silly, but the delivery penguin is very angry; he hands him the soggy parcel and stalks off in a huff. The neighbour throws the now ruined parcel to the ground, kicks the now empty bucket across his yard and storms back indoors, slamming the door in a very intimidated manner. Pingu and Pingo feel sure that they will never get their biscuits now, so when the towels drops to the ground again, Pingu hangs it back up on the line and then the both of them leave in peace before night falls.



  • The biscuit used in this episode is a Fox's Jam 'n' Cream.


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