Pingu's Visit to the Hospital
Season 02, Episode 21
Air Date August 24, 1994
Previous Pingu Gets a Bicycle
Next Pingu on the School Excursion
Pingu's Visit to the Hospital (sometimes known as Pingu's Hospital Visit) is the 21st episode of the second season which was first broadcast on August 24, 1994.


Pinga is in hospital with a broken wing and Pingu and his mum are coming to visit her. Pinga is pleased to see them, and Pingu shows her a picture he’s drawn of her having her accident. Pingi is also in the same ward with a broken foot; when the nurse then comes in to treat her, Mum gives Pinga a bunch of flowers, and both she and Pingu have an apple. While they crunch away, Mum sticks Pingu's picture up on the wall.

As Mum reads Pinga a story, Pingu starts to get a bit bored, so when the nurse leaves the room, he tries to find away to entertain himself and with any luck himself. He pulls the screen across in front of Pinga and Pingi, puts a mobile table behind the screen, a pillow on the table and the light behind. He plumps up the bed and uses Pinga's potty to as the pretend patient's head. Then with the light on, Pingu gives a shadow performance to Mum, Pinga and Pingi of a doctor doing an operation. Pinga, Mum and Pingi find Pingu’s performance very amusing and laugh out loud. The noise attracts the attention of the doctor and the nurse, who come in to find out what’s causing all the laughter. They see the end of Pingu’s performance, and applaud with the others when Pingu finishes. The doctor comgratulates Pingu and gives him his very own doctor's cap and mask as a prize for his performance.



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