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Pingu's Windy Day  is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Pingu

Pingu's Windy Day

Air Date

September 5, 2003



Previouse episode

Pingu Wants to Fly

Next Episode

Pinga's Lost Rabbit


It’s a very windy day. Indoors, Pingu and Pinga are playing happily, building a tower with bricks. Mother empties the washing machine into a basket, and leaves it by them. Pinga turns the basket upside-down over herself and runs around, being egged on by Pingu. To stop them messing about with the basket, Mother, who is about to go out with Father, asks them to hang up the washing outside. As Mother and Father leave the wind blows down the brick tower.

Pinga and Pingu go outside to hang up the washing, which they manage to do after a bit of a struggle against the wind. As they start to go back inside the washing gets free and blows away. After a bit of a chase they manage to catch all the washing and go back indoors. Pingu rigs up a line between two chairs and hangs the washing on this. They then resume their play with the bricks, building another tower. Mother and Father then return and, as they enter, Pingu just manages to prevent the tower from being blown down by the wind by shielding it with a piece of the washing.

Father then asks if they’d like to come outside to play with the kite. They say no. Father decides to go by himself, but as he opens the door to leave, the wind blows down the tower of bricks again.



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