Pingu's Wish
Season 4, Episode 16
Air Date July 26, 1999
Previous Pingu Teases Pinga
Next Pingu is Curious

Pingu's Wish is the sixteenth episode of Season 4.


Pingu sees a poster advertising a magic show and starts imagining what it would like to be a magician. Then he sees a magic set in the window of the toy shop and runs quickly home to ask his mum for it. Mum promises to give it to him as his Christmas present, but it is still only August and Pingu does not feel like waiting that long so he walks moodily out again. Mum feels sorry for Pingu and since he has been so good lately, she decides to let Pingu have the magic set before Christmas officially comes round.

Mum puts her plan into operation by first phone Dad to go to the toy shop and buy the magic set. After Dad has left the shop with the gift wrapped magic set, Pingu passes the window and when he sees it is not there anymore, he feels worse than ever. He trudges sadly home, where he is greeted by Dad dressed as a magician. Pingu thinks they are making fun of him, but reluctantly goes along with it when Dad tells him to turn around with his eyes covered until he sayes the magic words. While Pingu is not looking, Mum quickly sets up the Christmas tree on the dining table and the wrapped-up magic set underneath. When Dad says the magic words, Pingu turns round and is surprised to see that Christmas has come early for him. Pingu unwraps his present and is delighted to see the magic set he wanted. He whoops for joy and everyone agrees it is really a Happy Early Christmas.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • The Toy Shop


  • One of the calenders only lists twenty-two days even though August has thirty-one.
  • Both calenders list only six days of the week.
  • When Mum rings Dad, the oven has moved closer to the front door.


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