Pingu is the pilot episode of the "Pingu" television series. It was filmed in 1986 and contains plot points which were later used in two episodes of the first season.



  • This pilot contains elements which were later reanimated in Hello Pingu and Pingu Looks After the Egg.
  • Although this pilot only aired once, it is included as a bonus feature on the Japanese DVD of the third season.
  • Pingu's Noot Noot sounds are made by a kazoo.
  • Pingu's mother's model is similar to the penguin who later fell into water in Pingu and the Barrel Organ.
  • Besides Pingu Looks After the Egg, this is the only episode to have a commerical break when it first aired.
  • Pingu's father's model is similar to Mr. Peng-Chips.


  • A different model is used in the close up shots of Pingu. Due to his beak looking longer, triangular and having larger eyes, this close up process is dropped in the series.



Pingu - Pilot (1986)07:22

Pingu - Pilot (1986)


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