Pingu Boogaloo
Season 06, Episode 18
Air Date February 21, 2006
Previous Pingu and the Fish Flute
Next Pingu and the Daily Igloo
Pingu Boogaloo is episode eighteen of Pingu Season 6. It was written by Steve Cox.


Pingu is really enjoying listening to the radio, but so much seems to be getting in the way of his enjoyment: When Mum turns off the radio to answer the telephone, Pingu gets very impatient at waiting while she is so busy chatting to her friend, so he decides to listen to the radio through his headphones. Then when Dad comes home, he unexpectedly comes along and unplugs Pingu's headphones from radio and changes channel so that he can listen to the football.

Annoyed Pingu goes outside. He soon comes to a hockey match, where a penguin is skating about the court playing the tune that he likes. Pingu follows him back and forth for a bit, but very soon gets tired of this. Later he hears the tune coming from another pengiuns igloo, but when the owner bursts out through the front doors singing the song at an annoyingly loud volume, Pingu runs quickly away.

Soon Pingu reaches Pingo's igloo, where he is listening to the tune on his own radio. Pingo lets Pingu have a listen through one his headphones. Pingu is so excited that he wants to have the headphones all to himself and it becomes a ridiculous tug-of-war with Pingu pulling on the one head and Pingo yanking on the other. Then the headphones and Pingo bursts into tears. Pingu instantly feels sorry for Pingo and he goes back home to let Pingo have his headphones.

By Pingu is feeling very depressed, so Dad puts on their own record copy of the tune he likes on the record player. This cheers Pingu up immensely and the whole family end the day dancing to the beat.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingo's Igloo



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