Pingu Builds a Snowman
Season 02, Episode 26
Air Date December 20, 1994
Previous Pingu Helps His Mother
Next Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing
Pingu Builds a Snowman is the 26th episode and final episode of the second season which was first broadcast on December 20, 1994.


A fresh fall of snow fell during the night. Pingu uncovers his sledge and he and Pinga go off to have some fun. First they take a fast ride down the hill and hit a bump which throws them off head first into the snow.

They then decide to build a snowman; Robby comes alongs and helps them make it really big. They gather the snow to form the bottom half and make a ball to put on top for the body, but have difficulty in making it stay on. Pingu then spots a nearby signpost and has the idea of using it to support the snowman.

Pingu and Robby roll the balls of snow across and build up the snowman around the signpost, covering up the signs with snow to form the arms. They have problems trying to get the head on, as it’s too tall for them, so while Pingu fetches a laddar and carrot, Pinga and Robby ask a passing hiker put it on for them. He also forms the snowman to look Pingu with his bundel (like in the opening titles) which surprises and amuses him. The hiker asks Pinga and Robby if they know the way, but they say that they do not, so he wanders off again. When he reaches the summit of a mountian at the edge of a cliff, he then realises that he is lost and goes back to Pingu, Pinga and Robby. As asks them which way to go again the snow falls off part of the signpost's arms. The hiker brushes off the snow on the other side, which to his relief tells him the right way he needs to go.


  • Pingu
  • Pinga
  • Robby


  • The hiker forms the snowman to look like Pingu in the original opening titles.


  • When Pingu helps Pinga out of the snow, a small black dot appears out of nowhere in the background and then after Pingu picks up a snowball it disappears.
  • After the hiker gasps as the snow falls off one part of the signpost, for one brief moment, he see him uncover the other part before he even walks over to do it.


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