Pingu Builds a Tower
Season 04, Episode 19
Air Date January 1, 2000
Previous Pingu Gets Organised
Next Pingu the King

Pingu Builds a Tower is the nineteenth episode of Season 4.


Inspired by a story book about two penguins journeying to the top of a tower climbing high into the clouds, Pingu, Pinga and Robby try to build their own tower and see if they can go as high as that. They build the tower out of a load of bricks that a builder had left lying about previously. As the tower starts to get higher and higher, Robby developes a teeter board system to catapulate more of the bricks up to Pingu. Sending the bricks up one at a time proves to be the most sensible option, as when Pinga loads up the teeter board with three bricks, the plank snaps in half.

Soon Pingg comes along to see whats going on. Robby shows their story book to Pingg and explains what they are doing. Pingg laughs hysterically at their friends imaginative idea. This annoys Pingu, so he rolls up a snowball from one of the bricks, throws it at Pingg and frightens him off. Pingu, Robby and Pinga then get back to work on the tower, but this time with the teeter board now broken, Robby has to throw the bricks up to Pingu with his nose. Suddenly Pingu's seagull friend flies up to the top of the tower to see what he is doing. Pingu does not want the seagull to get in the way and tries to shoo him off. In his usual stubborn refrane, the seagull just stands his ground. Then Robby throws a fish up to the seagull and he flapps away content.

Soon Robby and Pinga starts to run out of bricks; Pinga looks all around to find some more, but she can not see any bricks for miles around. Then she has an idea. Robby is pleased when Pinga returns with some more bricks, that is until he sees the gaping hole in the wall of the tower. Robby is most alarmed and tries to fill the hole back in again, but it is too late. The tower topples to the ground and Pingu is burried under a pile of bricks. Luckily he is not hurt and Robby helps him out of his predicament straight away. Pinga rushes over with their story book and asks if they should start to build the tower all over again. Pingu just takes the book from his little sister and throws it aside. After all when trying to achieve a goal, the trying is much better than the achieving, isn't it?



  • The tower calapsing on Pingu was more hazardous than what happened to him Barrel of Fun, but he some how does not get hurt.


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