Pingu Cannot Lose
Season 02, Episode 18
Air Date August 3, 1993
Previous Pingu the Babysitter
Next Pingu and the Game of Fish
Pingu Cannot Lose is the 18th episode of the second season which was first broadcast on August 3, 1993. This is Otmar Gutmann's final episode, before he passed away on October 13, 1993.


Pingu and Pinga are playing skittles. Pinga takes the first throw, but does not score. Then she rolls up herself and knocks all the skittles down. Pingu sternly tells Pinga that she will not be able to do that when Pingo arrives and start play properly. 

Soon Pingo comes along and the game begins. He has his go and knocks down two skittles. Pingu throws and hits four. On their next throw, Pingo only gets one, and Pingu gets four again. Then Pingo gets two, and Pingu gets three. By this point, Pingu's winning is starting to get Pingo a bit agrovated.

Then Pingu's Grandpa comes along to have a go and knocks six down. On Pingu’s next go, the ball knocks one skittle over, but it stands back up again. Then Grandpa gets another six and Pingu only gets a one. Pingo and Pinga are amazed, but Pingu is begining to feel a bit depressed at suddenly starting to lose. When Grandpa knocks seven down, Pingu feels like not playing anymore and he wonders off unhappily.

Then Robby arrives and takes over the match against Grandpa. Grandpa gets eight skittles down and Robby only knocks down one, taking an odd path as it goes. Robby thinks this is very funny. Grandpa then gets a strike and the others applaud him. Robby’s next throw misses completely and rolls against the wall, making him roll over with laughter. Soon they find the funny side of losing and Pingo completely misses on purpose. Then Pingu bowls facing backwards and the ball rolls between his legs. The ball knocks against the side and rolls right around the skittles. He has another throw and the second ball hits the first one and the both of them go round the outside of the group of skittles. Pingu, Pinga, Grandpa, Pingo and Robby all laugh exstatically.



  • This is the second time we see Grandpa from Pingu's mum's side of the family.


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