Pingu Delivers the Mail
Season 01, Episode 02
Air Date June 4, 1986
Previous Hello, Pingu
Next Pingu Looks After the Egg
Pingu Delivers the Mail (sometimes known as Pingu Helps to Deliver the Mail) is the second episode of the first season of Pingu.


Pingu is helping his father deliver the mail. His father lets him wear his postman's hat, and they go to the post office to pick up the mail and then deliver it to the town's various eccentric residents; including an old, kid-hating granny penguin, a tall, loud-beaked penguin named Pingk, a short, zippy and strange penguin in suspenders (this is Punki, who also slams the door right in Pingu's face as he opens it), Pingu's friend Pingo, a sad penguin with bad news, a woman with three children, and others, before returning home again to his mother's arms.



  • On the wall in the house, there is a portrait of grandfather that remains in the house but is usually always in a different place.
  • Punki's suspenders were re-colored in the new version.
  • This episode has a wheel book based on it too.
  • In this episode we see Father's tractor sledge for the first time.
  • When Pingu is abruptly leaving the house of Punki, he says something on the way to the tractor sledge in the new version that sounds like he's mocking Punki.
  • Pingu sings when he exits the house in the new version, while he slightly mumbles in the original.
  • In a few rare photos, Pingu's Father's Tractor Sledge has a different design.


  • Pingu mysteriously disappears when Punki opens the door on his face.
  • During the time when Pingg is shown, he walks differently than normal.
  • In the post office at the beginning when Jim says good morning to Father, his head looks like Pingo's instead of his own.
  • When Father gets on the tractor sledge at one point in this episode, when he drives off, his hat appears on his head out of nowhere, while it was still on Pingu's head.
  • When the baby penguin opens the igloo door and is swinging on it, you can plainly see that there is nothing else inside the igloo.



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