Pingu Digs a Hole
Season 05, Episode 03
Air Date August 15, 2003
Previous Pingu Finishes the Job
Next Pingi's Valentine Card
Pingu Digs a Hole is the third episode of the fifth season. It was written by Dave Ingham.


Fresh snow fell again during the night and has buried Pingu's dad's tractor sledge. Once Dad has dug the tractor sledge and gone to work, Pingu takes over the shovel and starts digging a hole in the ground. He starts digging outside the front door just as Mum comes out to put the washing on the line. She does not see Pingu's hole through her wash basket and she falls in. She lands with her head in the wash basket and comes out with a towel over it. While Mum still has face covered, Pingu slips quietly away to dig a hole somewhere else.

As Pingu looks for somewhere else to dig his hole, he meets up with Robby standing on top of a hillock and the two of them dig the hole together. They then dig a long running tunnel, which above the ground makes a long running hill. The hill runs past a fishmonger's market stall and swallows up one of his crates into the ground. The fishmonger walks foward and stands on top of the hill to see where his crate went and he falls through the ground too.

Later that day, Dad comes home to take the family on a picnic. Mum is quick to lay blame on Dad leaving the hole outside the front door, but he assures her that he had not done. Dad picks up the picnic basket and all three set off to find Pingu. As Mum and Dad call for Pingu, Pinga suddenly realises that she is being chased by a long hill. She tries to run away from it, but she is not fast enough and she ends up getting carried away on it unbeknownst to her parents. Soon she falls off and they set up the picnic. Then Pingu and Robby dig the tunnel under the rug and the whole picnic falls into the ground. Pingu and Robby then pop up out of the ground, followed by the angry fishmonger who tells Mum and Dad what happened.

Pingu and Robby fill in the tunnel and rescue the fishmonger's missing crate of fish. The Fishmonger then gives them a fish each as a reward for making up for their mistakes. To avoid the picnic falling down anymore holes, Pingu's family decide to have the picnic indoors. As Pingu tucks into his fish, they all laugh over the adventure they had that day with Pingu's tunnel being dug right under their beaks.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed


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