Pingu Finishes the Job
Season 05, Episode 02
Air Date August 8, 2003
Previous Pingu's Bouncy Fun
Next Pingu Digs a Hole
Pingu Finishes the Job is the second episode of the fifth season. It was written by Olly Smith.


While Mum and Pinga are out, Pingu and Dad are set to mend a broken leg on the coffee table. Pingu is eager to help, but Dad does not allow him to touch the tools. Once Dad has fixed the coffee table, he goes to paint it, but there is not enough so he goes out to some more. Alone in the shed, Pingu decides to check how strong the coffee table is. So he puts the tool box on top of the table and it collapses under the weight.

Pingu tries to glue the table back together, but the base gets stuck to his wing and he struggles so much to pull it off, that he trashes the shed. Then Grandpa arrives in the shed to help with the DIY and helps Pingu out of his predicament. Soon Dad returns and all three work together to fix the coffee table. The main problem is that legs are not exactly the same length, so they saw them down to size until they end up chopping it down to be as small a foot stool. Pingu and Grandpa finish it off by painting it a light shade of green and then take it back into the house.

At first Mum is shocked at how low down the coffee table is now, but after Pingu sits her down on the sofa and gets her to put her flippers up, she instantly sees what a good job her son, husband and father in law have done.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed


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