Pingu Gets Help
Season 4, Episode 11
Air Date July 19, 1998
Previous Pingu and the Magnet
Next Pingu in Paradise

Pingu Gets Help is the eleventh episode of Season 4.


Today, Pingu has decided to go out and play with his toy boat. After checking how well the boat can float, Pingu takes it to a nearby pool. He sets the boat on the water and blows on its sails to get it on the move. Then just as the boat floats to the other side of the pool, it rears up on its stern and starts to sink. Pingu runs quickly and rescues it just in time. The boat has a hole in its hull, so Pingu fishes out a sticking plaster from amongst his feathers and patches it up. Once fixed, Pingu puts the boat back into the water and gets it moving again.

Later a skier comes along and stops to praise Pingu about his boat. Suddenly the boat sinks again and this time Pingu is too late to save it. The skier wants to help Pingu; by using his skis to help him stand over the water, he edges out across the pool and uses one of his ski sticks to fish out Pingu's toy boat. But the skis are not strong enough to hold the penguin's weight for very long; finally one snaps and he falls into the water with a big splash. Pingu stands anxiously by the pool, waiting for the skier to come back up to the surface. Suddenly the toy boat pops in the skier's wing and Pingu is overjoyed. Pingu thinks the skier for getting his toy boat back for him and waves goodbye to his new friend before going  home to his igloo.



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