Pingu Gets Lost
Season 05, Episode 17
Air Date January 26, 2004
Previous Pingu's Balancing Act
Next Pingu and Pinga Go Camping
Pingu Gets Lost is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of Pingu which was broadcast on January 26th, 2004. It was written by Olly Smith.


Pinga is not feeling very well today and is running out of milk, so Pingu goes to the dairy to get some more.

On his way back, Pingu decides to do some balancing tricks with the bottle of milk. He walks along with the milk balancing on his head until it falls off and rolls through a crack in a mountain side. Pingu reaches into the crack to try and rescue the milk, but it just rolls away so he rams himself against mountain side and rolls through into an ice cave. The impact cause snow for down over entrance of the cave and Pingu is trapped. He picks up the milk and explores further into the cave to find another way out, not realising that his scarf is frayed in the avalanche and that it is unravaling with every step he takes. 

Just as the last strand of wool ravals from the scarf. Pingu drops himself down and begins to cry realising there is no way out and he will be lost in the cave forever. Then Pingu notices the trail of wool he left everywhere. He picks up the end of the wool and follows the trail, winding it back up around his wind as he goes. At last he arrives back where he started and once again rams himself against the mound of snow blocking the entrance of the cave rolls out into the sunshine. Glad to be free, Pingu heads straight for home where he feeds Pinga the milk and Father re-knitts the scarf for him.



  • Pingu's House
  • Mother Peng-Pride's Barker
  • The Dairy


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