Pingu Gets Organised
Season 4, Episode 18
Air Date December 8, 1999
Previous Pingu is Curious
Next Pingu Builds a Tower

Pingu Gets Organised is the eighteenth episode of Season 4.


Dad comes home from work to find the igloo in quite a mess. Then Pingu comes in and Dad gets him to put the toys back in the toy box, whilst he cleans up the kitchen. Soon the job is done and Pingu goes to his room until dinner time.

Then Pinga comes along starts digging around in the toy box of the toy train. She tosses various toys out onto the floor until she finally finds the one she is looking for. Pinga then goes outside to play with the train whilst Dad is putting the tea towels out on the washing line.

When Pingu discovers that his recent handy work has been spoilt, he is most vexed. When he has tidied the other toys away again, he marches outside and snatches the toy train off Pinga. Pinga gets in a terrible state which grabs Dad's attention. Dad then has an idea which he thinks may solve the toy storage problem. He whispers his plan to Pingu who then goes away and comes back with a cart load of toys. Together they build a small outdoor play area out of the snow with a little helter-skelter for the toys. Pingu and Pinga have great fun with their new play area and Dad leaves them to carry on playing. There is now only the other toys from the toy box to deal with which were left all over the floor, after Pingu brought the other ones outside. However Dad decides that after Pingu did so well helping him early, it is probably best to let him off this time.



  • When Dad gets home, the door opens and closes by itself.
  • Through out this episode, pencil lines keep appearing and disappearing on the ground, indicating the animation process.
  • When Pingu throws the toy pram back into the toy box, strings suddenly appear attached to it as he goes through the motions.


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