Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date June 17, 1995
Previous Pingu Builds a Snowman
Next Pingu's Museum Visit
Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing is the first episode of the third season which was first broadcast on June 17, 1995.


Pingu comes out of his igloo and sees Pingo, on his skis, nearby. Pingu gets his own skis, goes to meet Pingo, and they agree to have a cross-country skiing race. As they are very evenly matched, it soon gets competitive, and Pingu tries to slow up Pingo by putting his ski-stick between Pingo’s legs. Pingo does the splits and stops, but soon gets going again and quickly catches up with Pingu.

They come up to another rather older cross-country skier who is travelling more slowly and, as they go past him one to each side, Pingu surprises the other skier by shouting into his ear. The older skier is understandably none too pleased, shouting angrily and waving his stick at Pingu and Pingo as they race off ahead. Both Pingu and Pingo think this is rather funny! A little while later Pingu and Pingo start arguing again, and Pingu repeats his trick with the ski-stick.

This time Pingo falls over and is somewhat annoyed, while Pingu stops and has a good laugh. Pingo makes a snowball and throws it at Pingu, knocking Pingu backwards off his skis. As Pingu gets up, the older skier comes past, stops, waves his ski-stick and tells off Pingu and Pingo. Pingu mockingly mimics the older skier, and then he and Pingo start off on their race again. Again they go past the older skier, but this time downhill where they’re all travelling faster. After various evasive manoeuvres by all three, Pingu ends up crashing into the older skier, falling over and breaking a ski. The older skier tells Pingu it was all his fault, and starts to ski away. Pingu starts to cry, and the older skier takes pity on him and turns back. He then kindly helps Pingu get home by giving Pingu a ride on the back of his skis to the starting point of the race, where Pingo is waiting to flag them in!


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