Pingu Goes Fishing
Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date June 25, 1986
Previous The New Arrival
Next Jealousy

Pingu Goes Fishing is the fifth episode of the first season which was originally broadcast on June 25, 1986.


Pingu is going fishing; he climbs down a series of cliffs into a craggy, secluded area and finds a fishing hole. He soon catches a fish, but he is unaware that behind him, Robby the seal is emerging from another hole that the one Pingu is fishing at connects to, eating the bait, and snatching and attaching the same fish to the line each time. Pingu finds out eventually, and lures Robby away from the ice holes and closing them off with large slabs of ice.

A high-speed chase ensues and Robby tries desperately to escape by forcing his way under the ice-slab. When Pingu shouts at him, Robby's right flipper briefly gets trapped, and the weeping seal seems severely hurt. Pingu is struck with remorse and sympathy, consoling Robby. He then slightly moves the ice slab above one of the fishing holes, resulting in Robby's flipper being 'miraculously' healed. Recognizing the goodness in Pingu's soul, Robby returns his fishing pole and rewards his sensitivity with a large fish. Pingu, in return, gives Robby a piece of his bait to eat, and they become friends. Pingu then gathers up all his equipment and heads home with the fish.



  • This episode introduces Robby to the series.
  • Clips from this episode were used when Helen Skelton appeared on BBC1's "The TV That Made Me", explaining of how Pingu was one of her earliest TV memories.


  • When Pingu drops his first piece of bait into the water, he is standing up. But when the fish bites, he is sitting down. On the close up of the bobber, it didn't move, showing no sign of movement to Pingu.



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