Pingu Has a Bad Day
Season 04, Episode 24
Air Date April 5, 2000
Previous Pingu Helps Grandfather
Next Pingu Loses the Bet

Pingu Has a Bad Day is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 4.


Because he did not sleep very well the previous night, nothing seems to be going right for Pingu today: When he wakes up, the alarm clock falls off his bed side table and smashes to pieces. When he gets up out of bed, he trips over the remnants of his broken alarm clock. In the bathroom after Pingu brushes his teeth, he reaches up to rinse out his beak and his cup falls off the shelf and smashes on the floor. Pingu is now running so late getting ready for school, he has to rush out without any breakfast, but misses his left with Pinga on Dad's tractor sledge. He now has to make his way to school on his sledge, but he sledges so fast that he crashes it and smashes it to pieces. Then at school, Pingu is still feeling so tired that he falls asleep during class.

When Pingu gets home, he is determined to make sure that nothing else bad happens to him today. He tries cheering himself up by sitting Pinga's toy rabbit, but Pinga just tells on him and Mum tells him off. To cheer Pinga up, Mum gives her an ice lolly from the freezer. This makes Pingu very grumpy, so Mum decides to give him an ice-cream cornet. Now Pingu is starting to feel happier than he has been all day.

Now Pingu is adamant that nothing else will go wrong again that day, so when his scoops of ice cream fall out of the cone onto the floor, he just scoops them back up again and carries on. Then suddenly the tables are turned on Pinga, when she trips on Pingu's broken alarm clock still lying about on the floor and drops her ice lolly. The lolly melts into big pick puddle on the floor. Now it is Pingu's turn to laugh at someone's bad luck that day. Pinga tries to get Pingu's ice-cream, but he just runs away so she chases after him. Finally Pingu's day has become really good after all.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • The School


  • When Pingu gets home, his sledge is still intact.


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