Pingu Has a Day Off
Season 4, Episode 7
Air Date January 13, 1998
Previous Pingu Clears the Snow
Next Pingu the Archer
Pingu Has a Day Off is the seventh episode of Season 4.


At Pingu's school, and the class are given the rest of the day off. Pingu asks his friends if they would like to play with him, but they are all have jobs to do at home.

When Pingu arrives home, he finds his mother busy cleaning the floor. He tells her about his day; Mum is most relieved and suggests that he could help her with the cleaning, ironing or wood cutting, but Pingu does not find these tasks fun at all and he goes back out on his sledge instead.

Soon Pingu passes Pingg’s house where he is busy helping his father with the firewood. Then he comes into the market place, where Pingo is helping his grandfather the fishmonger and where Pingi is helping her mother to push her sledge loaded with corn. Later Pingu is relaxing by the pool, when he sees a mother seagull taking a fish to her chicks. This gets Pingu thinking about his mother wearily cleaning the floor and about all his friends helping their familes. Pingu suddenly feels that he should doing something to help out too and sets off for home.

When Pingu arrives back home, his mother is most surprised when he pushs her into the armchair, places the newspaper into her grasp and starts cleaning up the floor himself, with the cloth under his flippers like a skate. Naturally Mum is very delighted by her son’s change of heart and most relieved to be finally able to take the wait off her feet.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingg's Igloo
  • The School


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